Invader Hearts

Homage to street artist "Invader"

In October of 2010, I arrived in New York for the second wave of Guerrilla Hearts which I dubbed Invader Hearts: The Mini Series.  These tiled pieces were installed throughout New York city in the fall of 2010 as an homage to Parisian street artist “Invader” and his space invader mosaics. More specifically, the action was motivated by my need to connect with Invader’s dream of taking his project around the world. Although Invader has managed to install a total of 113 pieces in New York city alone, it took me ten days to locate a single one -- but I was successful in the end and left my own Guerrilla Heart in his wake.

Many thanks to the help of my patient and hardworking travel companions, Michal Lavi, Ian Lister and Janet Turner. I would not have found my way around and accomplished these challenging little installs without them nor would I have such brilliant documentation. Michal and Ian traveled all the way to New York just to film my crazy expedition. Big hugs to all of you!

Invader Hearts
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