Nose Hill Heart

early autumn creation

In response to Calgary writer Romana Prokopiw and her own work involving Nose Hill Park, this heart was completed September 2nd 2010. This collaborative work called upon the help of four Calgary artists including Lisa Brawn, Doug Haslam, Janet Turner and Romana herself. The Nose Hill Heart found its form in a valley of calf length grasses and was almost 60 feet in length.

My friends and I first staked out its form. Then by hand, using grass shears and sickles, slowly and delicately cut the surrounding grass leaving a 7 - 10 ft path around the heart in order to delineate its form. The early autumn creation of this heart gives people the opportunity to witness it throughout fall’s changing colors and it’s eventual capture of the winter snow. The new growth of grass in the spring ironically becomes the demise of the heart as it is swallowed up by the surrounding meadow. Losing itself to the cycles of nature, this heart inevitably becomes a study in time with it’s own death giving way to new life.

A big thank you to Romana Prokopiw for following this installation through the change of seasons and capturing the evolution of this heart with her photos!

  • 2010
  • hand cut brome
  • Nose Hill Park, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  • 58 x 29 feet
Nose Hill Heart • Guerrilla Hearts
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