The Premiere Heart Series

Alberta - Provincial Party Propaganda

Spurred on by my good friend Lisa Brawn, I decided that I could not pass up the chance to make a statement, however small, about the state of the political situation in our home province of Alberta. When perfectly intelligent people are cornered into choosing between conservative and ultra conservative, something needs to be said for the higher mind. So I hit the highway heading south in my parent’s trusty ford focus and deftly implanted my Premiere Heart Series amidst the blitz of provincial party propaganda. The rest is history.

Many thanks to Sharon Stevens for accompanying me on my mission from Premiere Way in Calgary all the way south down Highway 2 to Fort MacLeod Alberta and getting some fantastic documentation along the way. It was a really great day.

The Premiere Heart Series

Claresholm Heart:

Fort Macleod Heart:

Nanton Heart:

Premiere Way Heart:

Highway Two Heart:

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Alberta Foundation for the Arts
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